Wednesday, 30 September 2009

A Devoted Career Path.

By the numbers we called them...
Belt VIII-3 clear, warping to the next. "Belt III-1 clear."
"Not another boring night belt hoppi-," I get cut off, "2 Hulks, Retriever, Bestower with a can in belt VI-1. I'm heading to the can, going to flip them." Giggling, I roger then begin aligning to the belt, "warping to the belt."

I drop out of warp, a grin on my face as I see Bella's Arbitrator class Cruiser, swiftly kicking in my Microwarpdrive and approaching in my Vexor class Cruiser. I stop and sit, waiting for them to agress.
The Bestower starts to move, it's cumbersome mass shuddering as it turns, the bloated dance of an overfed slaver hound. Readying my weapons to fire incase he was foolish enough to engage. Sensors picking up the velocity as he warps away. Off scan.
That was disappointing...
Several low-ranking Guristas appear on scan, two immediately targetting the weaker Retriever class Mining Barge. They engage and start tearing up the shield systems, the other two ganging up on one of the Hulks.

Outmatched, the other Despoiler rank Guristas Frigates get destroyed swiftly by the Hulk's Warrior II Light Combat Drones. I sigh and begin scanning the Retriever. 50% shields. Speaking to Bella over comms, giggling about the plight of the evidently oblivious Mining Barge.
Bella scans the ship, signs of life detected, capsule... had the pilot fallen asleep? Why weren't the Hulk's drones coming to their Corp mate's aid?
The shields finally crumble, armor melting rapidly as we watch, now into structure...
The hapless beast ruptures, the warp coil exploding under the strain. Quickly seizing the oppertunity, Bella checks the wreckage. Struck gold. One Erin Mining Laser Upgrade in the mangled structure, as well as some of the ore and other ship modules.
The capsule warps away. We wait again.

As I was about to give the order to leave, a Devoter class Heavy Interdictor appears, her war tunnel collapsing.
A dirty yellow canister icon appearing on the overview instead of our nice clean white icon. His ship aggressed.
Targetting him, we open fire, and engage our warp disruptors. Bella's Arbitrator primaried. I let loose my drones on the enemy ship, swiftly engaging my targetting matrixes to repair Bella's armor.
Cap running dry, booster popped. That's more healthy.
The Devoter's shield dying quickly. The damage on Bella slowing, he's switching target. Bella calling out, her drones gaining the agression. She recalls them and sends out Valkyrie class Medium Attack Drones in their place. Grinding away on the armor, cursing the Amarr for making such resilient armor. Bella's Energy Neutraliser systems stopping as I assume her capacitor couldn't take the strain, her Vampires still merrily sucking away on our target's power core.
His armor begins to melt under our onslaught, adrenaline coursing through my body.
Into structure, he fights back with valor as his once noble ship begins to be torn apart. Hyper velocity rounds peppering rents into his ship.

A moment of silence as the vessel begins to explode - the reason I became a capsuleer.
My heart beating as I look out, the capsule floating for a moment. A good fight.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Deadly Nightshade.

Checking my systems as I prepare my Amarr Navy Slicer, I see a new Corp member - Belladonna Dire. I smile and walk over to her, and ask what she was doing.
She seems interesting and willing to learn.
I invite her out with me for something a little more fun then killing low-ranking rebels - I was going out to harass other capsuleers. We create a fleet and and meet together in a safe location to run through the basics of what we were going to do.

Searching through the belts in Usi we find nothing of interest.
Linking our computer systems together as we meet in Usi VI - belt 3, I gang warp to the Jeras gate. A simple order over comms, "jump on contact, once we get into Jeras - you take the first asteroid belt on the list, I'll take the last - report any findings."
Jeras was bland, flavorless... no one wanted to play.

Oijamon, Osprey class Cruiser on my directional scan.
It comes into visual range, a canister full of ore beside him. Kicking my Afterburner into life and heading to the can, I call to Bella over comms, "Osprey in belt, warp to my position."
Standard protocol, a can jettisoned from my ship and his ore transfered from his to mine.
Bella arrives in the belt, "Target and orbit the Osprey, if he engages or tries to take his ore back, open fire." She confirms and I see her moving into position.
Nothing... his engines coming to life as Bella watches him. "He's aligning to a station."
As we watch him warp away I order the can destroyed, I'm beginning to like this new pilot.

We head back to Usi, then onto Ishomilken and rendezvous with 2 TBRA pilots. A Hawk class Assault Frigate and a Thrasher class Destroyer joining our two Amarr Navy Slicers. Setting our course to Old Man Star. Looking for more interesting opportunities.
Not a lot to report enroute...

Oinasiken, Drake on directional scanner. Sending my fleet to search the asteroid belts, I head towards the Caldari control bunker.
A slight shiver as my comfortable, quick Slicer decelerates, the warp tunnel collapses, the Darke in visual range. I target the ship and engage my Afterburner. Warp disruptor engaging and shutting down his warp core. "I have the Drake, warp to me."
The fleet warps in and the Drake looses his Drones. We start to primary the Hobgoblin IIs, taking out a few.
Taking heavy damage as an Eagle appears in visual range, the Drake tearing my Slicer apart with his Drones and missiles. A resounding "good fight" coming through local.

It was a fun roam, but the fleet lost. Hopefully next time we'll do better.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Karma to Burn

The end of a chapter. One of my favourite ships destroyed.
I'll miss her, and know I'll be hard pressed to replace her - but all good things must come to an end.

A new local, Jack Carnifex. Hopefully not another of those mindless automated mining drones most intelligent people dislike.
His Hulk class Exhumer sat, surrounded by five canisters. I fly over and give his ship a gentle 440m/s nudge and begin the targetting protocols. "What? Are you calling me a macro miner?" He asks. "I was concidering doing a little asset redistribution, I'd blow up Jenna Talls, but it's a macro and most likely still has a wardec on." I sit there beside his canisters as he warps off, "Can you fit all of that in your giant rusty penis?" Giggling as I watch his Bustard Transport ship engulf the ore from the cans. "It has 5 low slots, 33356 m3."
"So, do you have a combat ship, or are you a complete carebear?" I enquire. "Yes. But not in usi." He sighs.
"I has a combat ship!" Pipes up an Achura by the name of Prozacxx. I look at the newcomer's information, "Cruiser?" "I has cruiser, where is pew?" She replies, giggling like a slaver hound with a new toy. "Bottom belt"
A Rupture class Cruiser warps in and I take a moment to look at it. Should I engage or not I ask myself. I shrug and smile, switching on my warp disruptor. It's a good day to die.
I approach at my maximum velocity and release my Hammerhead IIs, her Micro Warpdrive always nudging her out of range for my guns. From the moment I engage, I regret the decision.
One minute passes, she's into armor, no visible or noticeable tank, my shields long gone and armor repair units struggling to keep up with the incoming damage.
The end of my karma.
Good fight we agree, "I'm gonna miss that ship," chuckling as I dock my capsule.
"Hehe, put a mwd next time though. Afterburner makes ship sad."
I sigh and work out how much time it'll take to replace her, slugging out missions with my agent. Well, a lesson to learn. Always fit a Micro Warpdrive and ensure you're 100% certain as you engage.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Cry havoc the dogs of war.

Saturday, 19th - Talk Like a Pirate Day:
Gliding out of Usi V - Corporate Police Force station in Karma to Burn.
I have new toys to play with - Hobgoblin II Light Combat Drones. A few hours until I can use the Tech 2 Hammerhead Medium Combat Drones.
I land on the Jeras gate and activate the jump sequence. A quick scan of local and a few mining ships in local and some soft targets. "Ahoy ye scurvey dogs," I broadcast on the local channel.
I search using my ship's onboard directional scanner, hunting down the ship location. Two Frigates, one mining barge on scan, 5 degrees. Warping to the belt I see a new friend - Boydy. His Navitas class Frigate idley floating beside it's can. I kick in the Afterburner unit and stream towards him, readying the crew to exchange can. Canister exchanged and I sit, waiting, "you know the drill."
The young Gallentean fuming, his anger boiling over.
His Corp mate, Urial arrives at the belt in his Prophecey class Battlecruiser and begins targetting my Cruiser. I switch on my Afterburner unit and begin to approach the newcomer.
A flash and an affermation - he agressed, webbed me, I can now legally shoot back under the CONCORD rights of agression act. Drones released.
"Thats it warp away slag, fucking wench. You know whats good for you" Boydy screams over local. I chuckle and respond, "aye, he got me webbed, I can warp any time."
A short skirmish, my Hobgoblin IIs and Light Neutron Blaster IIs tearing holes into his ship. Moments later, Uriall is sat in his capsule, his crew's escape pods fleeing then scene. A good, if not short fight. "Oh well," he says over the local comms channel...

Sunday, 20th - Kaimon - Another day of smack talk:
Megathong - sturdy and deadly - Megathron class Battleship. She's a good ship for missions, but I still need to work on my gunnery skills.
As I undock and look into local, members of the Crucial Alliance are trash talking in local.
From local (edited to be shorter):
Makav3li > so are you someones alt kielle?
Dossie Kielle > I am myself, my dear.
Makav3li > just curious
Midnite caller > as we said mate get more than 6months on your first before u smack talk to us ok
Midnite caller > your paint is still wet and ur nuts aint droppe dyet
CPT DelToro > Maybe so, but we'll see soon. I promise. You just save that money you been spending. Your gonna need it.
Xclie > lol w/e let go 1 on 1
Xclie > or dide you just come here to cry?
Xclie > ???
Dossie Kielle > I thought there was a foul stench in the air. Hi -CTI-. o/
xXDarkRavenXx > I am here to give ya'all a msg =) Everto Rex Regis alliance is on hold temp. We are excited that you have wasted the isk on the merc corps you hired =p
xXDarkRavenXx > But keep your eyes open... cause we got a really big suprise comming for ya =p
xXDarkRavenXx > and your going to squeel like a lil piggy!
Sir Louis > /emote scrathes his nuts
xXDarkRavenXx > \o/ the plan is comming together hahahaha
xXDarkRavenXx > just pay close attention Sir Louis =)
Sir Louis > blah blah
xXDarkRavenXx > cause we are comming bck with friends =p
Sir Louis > u better
xXDarkRavenXx > oh trust me..... we willxXDarkRavenXx > you dont even know do you
xXDarkRavenXx > you have no clue no idea
Sir Louis > you us your friends our friends it will be a big party all over your ego
xXDarkRavenXx > you have no friends
xXDarkRavenXx > you just pay massive isk to bail you out and still cant get them to show up on time or do a proper job
xXDarkRavenXx > =p
Dossie Kielle > Louis, I just had to lol about your mail. I mean seriously.
Sir Louis > dossie in a mega lol
Belladonna Dire > You clearly have no idea who TGA is >.>
Belladonna Dire > /emote gives dossie space
Dossie Kielle > Yes, it's a good mission ship. =]
Sir Louis > yeah but u need skills to fly it
Dossie Kielle > Yes, I'm training up Med Rail Spec 4 so I can get T2 Rails on it. =]
xXDarkRavenXx > Dossie you dont have to worry about them... they need to hire out to pvp
Yuller > hi midnight
Yuller > wwhats going on you sexy transsexual
Cashews > ok, who managed to wardec Sebiestor tribe..
Dossie Kielle > Yuller, Crucial is threatening to wardec my Alliance. I r so scaerd.
xXDarkRavenXx > lol
Yuller > damn
xXDarkRavenXx > dont worry they got nothing to dec you with
Yuller > they are killers
Dossie Kielle > LOL
Yuller >
xXDarkRavenXx > beware of cloaking!
Yuller > i mean look at that
Angel Violette > do they have money for more mercs ?
Yuller > they scare me
xXDarkRavenXx > prob not
xXDarkRavenXx > im sure he's well tapped
Angel Violette > well midnite has a bunch of macro miners
xXDarkRavenXx > and must be loving it that the isk he wasted is burned for nothing
Dossie Kielle > And in my system, that's just bad.
xXDarkRavenXx > aww we made him log off
Dossie Kielle > 23:35:00 Combat Your group of 425mm Prototype I Gauss Gun lightly hits Pressure Silo, doing 1234.5 damage.
Anlarna VonCarstein > lmfao
Belladonna Dire > x)
Dossie Kielle > My guns can count~! \o/
SeneschaI > lol
Sir Louis > hey seri come on in
Dossie Kielle > I see the macro miners are also stealing my agent base...
xXDarkRavenXx > prob Midnites alts
Yuller > i linked a few and they left
Dossie Kielle > lol
xXDarkRavenXx > lol
Midnite caller > lol no allaince left now yuller or what
Midnite caller > your corp next
Dossie Kielle > I'm guessing Cinse is one of his macro alts.
xXDarkRavenXx > Midnite you really are a moron huh
shadowgirl9 > hahahahaha
xXDarkRavenXx > cause you stay docked
xXDarkRavenXx > =p
xXDarkRavenXx > or in a pos bubble
Makav3li > right
xXDarkRavenXx > and having to pay for merc's is the leadership loosing isk
Makav3li > lol
Yuller > i didn't know a rattlesnake could mine
Makav3li > so youre done decing i take it?
xXDarkRavenXx > and the Domination Medium Control Tower is leadership of cruicial loosing isk
Sir Louis > friends dont pay
xXDarkRavenXx > nah mak
Makav3li > is this like your final horray?
xXDarkRavenXx > this is just the start of even more
Dossie Kielle > Maybe they gave you a freebie for the amount of wardecs you've paid them for?
Makav3li > care to explain?
xXDarkRavenXx > you will see in 48H
Makav3li > oh okay
xXDarkRavenXx > it will explain itself
Makav3li > want to be a little more vague?
Yuller > he doesn't know does he
Sir Louis > dossie ur the only one giving freebees
Dossie Kielle > Anyway, going into another system for a missions. o/
Makav3li > enjoy

Quite funny in my opinion. I guess war will be on the cards, and after getting some threatening mail:
2009.09.20 22:58
we just broke thier alliance up yours is next and we r gonna tell your ceo why .........

and forwarding it to my Alliance leader, the great Frederic 'Gilgamesh1980' Chopin, we had a good joke at their expense.
Maybe we will get into the wardec, or maybe we'll have less threats once he realises it will be their worse idea even after paying for mercenaries to come in and fight us.
For freedom and profit. And maybe some more of those explosions I love.

Thursday, 17 September 2009


I drop out of warp and survey the scene, my camera drone picks up a Kronos class Marauder coming out of her warp tunnel, a Guristas emblem on the side next to the ship name 'Lotus.'
I smile as I recognise the callsign. The other ship slips alongside mine and holds position.
We wait. Angel Cartel pilots appear on scan - time to try out my Megathron class Battleship. I rotate my camera drone and watch as 'Lotus' begins to move forward, her massive 425mm Railguns coming to life. I turn my ship and begin engaging the nearest Angel Battleship, answering their fire with my own 425mm Railguns.
I open fleet communications, "warp to me, we can handle the incoming damage." Moments later, a Dominix and a Raven class Battleship drop out of warp a few short kilometers off both the Megathron varients.
A quick glance at 'Lotus,' cool and collected as ever, her guns cycling as we all strike the local Angel Cartel a damaging blow. Missiles firing, drones swarming and hyper velocity Antimatter rounds annihalating everything in range...
The final area cleared and a few moments. I turn my Megathron around and approach 'Lotus.'
I hear a giggle over the fleet Neocomm channel and adjust my view.
Giggling as I move a little closer, gently nudging the under side of 'Lotus' and take a picture.
That was worth saving.
"What are you two giggling about?" Asked Callibi. We giggle a little more as we see Laamet's Dominix appear on scan, then Callibi's Raven and a new addition to our fleet: a Prophecy class Battlecruiser belonging to Jasimine Yokosuka.
I hear her giggle as she looks at the position of our ships, and fire a quick volley from my guns. "ouch, that hurt." Then a giggle as she fires a volley from her laser turrets.
We wait a few moments then set out the plan. We know of another area of Angels, 'Lotus' will warp in first followed swiftly by the rest of he fleet. I relay the order through the internal comms channel and get ready. "I'm out of warp, come to me." We all roger and warp in, several Angel Battleships to finish our extravaganza.
Mission completed, we head back to Kaimon and dock. A healthy wallet balance and a good day of missioning.

I step out of my capsule and head straight for my quarters. Being a capsuleer is fun and an interesting lifestyle, but the ambiotic fluids inside the pod leaves a nasty residue in your hair. My clothes fall off as I start walking to the shower in my quarters.
The warm water beating off my skin as I rinse the ambiotic fluids off, singing happily to myself. I hear the door open and jump out of the shower. Pistol in hand, I slowly open the door.
A figure near my bed. Creeping stealthily behind the figure I strike, my blade streaking through the air like the fire of a beam laser. I hear the scream and turn on the light, the Kronos pilot lay on my bed, blade to her throat.
She wriggles beneath me, smiling and looking up at me through her lashes, "are you going to just drip on ?" I blush and look. Stepping back and dragging her into the shower with me I grin. "I missed you so much, Jesia..."

Monday, 14 September 2009

I can do science, me.

I've been stuck with a large amount of the damned stuff. I don't even drink, but my old friend Ms. Starkiller thought it would be a good idea to throw several crates into a canister and contract them to me. It would've been rude to turn her generousity down so right now I'm testing the stuff as an addition to my missile fuel.

First stage testing - Planet V Ishomilken:
50 rockets with the warheads removed. Tested varying amounts of fuel:spirits from 1:0 - 0:1 mixes.
Thrust measured using the rocket thrust equation:
F = m dot * Ve + (pe - p0) * Ae
Altitude measured by onboard microchips.
In theory, we found the perfect fuel:spirit ratio gaining 79.85% range over pure fuel propulsion...
In theory.

Second stage testing - Kaimon, agent mission.
My Raven class Battleship spitting Cruise missiles bringing Kielle brand destruction to my targets. Missile velocity and range increased, missile explosivity up a good portion, too. I speak through the internal comms channel, "reload the bays, we'll be dropping out of warp in 18 seconds. Engineering, how is shield integrity looking down there?" The usual acknowledgements came through the internal comms, engineering calling back. "Shields and structure are fine, capacitor is recharging to 89%, Ma'am. We have a green light and ready for the next engagement."
Smiling I confirm, my ship shudders the warp tunnel collapses. Slowly decellerating as we reach the final area of the Angel Cartel complex. Two Battleships, two Battlecruisers and one Destroyer awaiting me. Sirens sound as the computer system detects positive locks, then impacts.
I begin to boost my shield systems in short bursts, keeping them stable around 80%. I launch my drones and send them to engage the Destroyer whilst my new and improved Devastator Cruise missiles tear easily through the Angel Battlecruisers.
First wave decimated, a second warping in. Good, more ships to destroy, and more bounties for me. My Hammerhead drones - acting like the mindless automatons they are - make a b-line straight for the nearest target. Merrily chewing through the shields of the ship, the explosion off the bow shuddering my vessel. Another group of ships warping in.
I activate the internal comms. "Prepare to warp, this is getting a little heat-" I get cut off as my Battleship shudders violently, torpedo impacts directly on my shields. I try to compensate as the onslaught continues. I turn the vessel and accelerate to warp. Nothing. Feth, we're being warp scrambled. I need to kill that frigate.
My overview lighting up as more Frigates start to scramble me...
Shields failed, my capacitor almost dry, I call below decks, "prepare for emergency ejection, shields are almost gone and the structure will melt quickly under this sustained fire!"
Too late. Torpedoes, missiles and cannons tearing through my shields, boosting in vain as the damage starts to leak into the spartan armor.
Seconds turning into hours as I sit, bracing myself in my capsule for the explosion, my crew and families jetisoning in their own escape pods. First in last out. The munitions loaders and handlers just reaching their pods as a fluke missile strikes through one of missile tubes.
Blood curdling screams flood over the comms system as the augmented missiles begin to explode. My beautiful ship being ripped to shreds from inside and out, then the final boom as the last of my missiles and Angel weapons cause a catastrophic reaction in the power plant.
My ship... my crew! Floating for a moment in my capsule checking the aftermath. Onboard computer relaying information directly into my brain. All but 8 escape pods got free. Another moment of silence. Respect for lost crew.
My mission was completed Just moments before the loss of my Raven and those crew members, but no amount of ISK will replace them.
I dock and get my reward for the mission and arrange for money transfers to be sent out.
36 lost crew, 27 families to inform and a measely sum of 108million ISK distributed between the families. Pocket change to me, a lifetime of riches to them.

I shall miss them.
I raise a cup of my finest tea to them. May they find peace and happiness in their next lives.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Saturday night smack talk (OOC)

Merrily mining with Corp mates and a familiar face pops into local.
The poor sods, I've harassed them enough over the last few days, but they don't learn. Calling someone a 'cunt' in local isn't the best way to go about things - especially when you're new to the area and the crazy bitch you're typing obscenities at is a local personality.
Maybe I'm exaggerating on that score, but my Alliance are well known and most of its members are very well versed in PvP. You've got to be if you want to make a living as a pirate.

So here is my usual chatlog [un-edited.]
[ 2009.09.12 20:55:32 ] Mia Shawley > miss click LT?
[ 2009.09.12 20:56:01 ] Dossie Kielle > Harassing TWR again, LT? lol
[ 2009.09.12 20:56:12 ] Longtooth > miss click aye
[ 2009.09.12 20:56:18 ] Longtooth > and I would never dream of harrassing TWR
[ 2009.09.12 20:56:22 ] Justine Death > Convoed Alice
[ 2009.09.12 20:59:07 ] Dossie Kielle > What belt?
[ 2009.09.12 21:03:51 ] Alice Conway > that aint a miner dossie
[ 2009.09.12 21:03:54 ] Alice Conway > /emote shoos
[ 2009.09.12 21:04:14 ] Dossie Kielle > You said to get to a belt so I undocked my Mega...
[ 2009.09.12 21:04:25 ] Justine Death > lol
[ 2009.09.12 21:04:43 ] Justine Death > im mena *Chuclkes*
[ 2009.09.12 21:05:28 ] Director Yammi > /emote gets caught in Dossie's gravitational pull and crashes his ship into one of the guns... not even a scratch remains.
[ 2009.09.12 21:06:48 ] Dossie Kielle > You want me in a mining boat?
[ 2009.09.12 21:07:16 ] Seraphina Oriana > Mining Op? Want an Orca's bonuses and an extra set of lasers?
[ 2009.09.12 21:07:43 ] Mia Shawley > orcas covered
[ 2009.09.12 21:07:54 ] Dossie Kielle > Does a Navy Vexor count as a miner? I has mining drones. xD
[ 2009.09.12 21:07:58 ] Seraphina Oriana > lol
[ 2009.09.12 21:43:24 ] Longtooth > lol
[ 2009.09.12 21:43:41 ] Seraphina Oriana > /emote protects the rocks!!!
[ 2009.09.12 21:43:45 ] Seraphina Oriana > Ours! >.<
[ 2009.09.12 21:44:10 ] Justine Death > my fleets here already lt
[ 2009.09.12 21:44:18 ] Longtooth > since I get...irrate to say the least when other people start shooting what I consider mine
[ 2009.09.12 21:44:20 ] Justine Death > :were both 1 man fleets :P
[ 2009.09.12 21:44:40 ] Longtooth > I'll extend you the courtesy I wish to see extended to myself
[ 2009.09.12 21:45:02 ] Seraphina Oriana > /emote glomps LT "Thankies"
[ 2009.09.12 21:45:34 ] Longtooth > you running 5 and 1 as well?
[ 2009.09.12 21:45:51 ] Mia Shawley > 3 at mo
[ 2009.09.12 21:45:53 ] Mia Shawley > laptop
[ 2009.09.12 21:45:59 ] Longtooth > ah
[ 2009.09.12 21:46:41 ] Justine Death > oplus only have 5 total and 2 are pure pvp
[ 2009.09.12 21:47:53 ] Longtooth > I think I'm about to piss somebody off
[ 2009.09.12 21:49:30 ] Director Yammi > all the lazers are lagging my cliant
[ 2009.09.12 21:49:41 ] Seraphina Oriana > Turn them off
[ 2009.09.12 21:49:56 ] Cash Hands > i think all of those hulks are his
[ 2009.09.12 21:52:42 ] Longtooth > who's?
[ 2009.09.12 21:52:53 ] Longtooth > oh me :D
[ 2009.09.12 21:53:15 ] Boydy > lol yeh
[ 2009.09.12 21:53:23 ] Boydy > uv just took over the belt we're on :P
[ 2009.09.12 21:53:29 ] Longtooth > you guys might wanna vacate
[ 2009.09.12 21:53:34 ] Boydy > yeh i think we will
[ 2009.09.12 21:53:35 ] Longtooth > there won't be much left here in a bit
[ 2009.09.12 21:53:41 ] Boydy > no worries :P
[ 2009.09.12 21:54:12 ] Dossie Kielle > Oh, my friends. You want me to appear in my Navy Vexor again?
[ 2009.09.12 21:57:42 ] Seraphina Oriana > I'm surprised you didn't notice them earlier Dossie darling ^-^
[ 2009.09.12 21:58:47 ] Boydy > dossie, no thanks :P
[ 2009.09.12 22:02:24 ] Dossie Kielle > I'll bring out a Frigate?
[ 2009.09.12 22:03:21 ] Cash Hands > Dossie how is RL treating you
[ 2009.09.12 22:03:41 ] Boydy > dossie.. no ur okay, thanks all the same
[ 2009.09.12 22:03:45 ] Cash Hands > Are you as big as a cunt offline as you are online
[ 2009.09.12 22:03:49 ] Cash Hands > ?
[ 2009.09.12 22:03:55 ] Seraphina Oriana > Oh she is!! ^-^
[ 2009.09.12 22:03:58 ] Dossie Kielle > I'm a bitch, get it right.
[ 2009.09.12 22:03:59 ] Seraphina Oriana > That's why I love her.
[ 2009.09.12 22:04:22 ] Boydy > she musn't be gettina any, thats all i can say :P
[ 2009.09.12 22:04:40 ] Cash Hands > It is coming to that time of the month tbh
[ 2009.09.12 22:04:48 ] Boydy > seems so!
[ 2009.09.12 22:04:55 ] Cash Hands > damn
[ 2009.09.12 22:04:58 ] Cash Hands > what a hag
[ 2009.09.12 22:05:01 ] Boydy > :P
[ 2009.09.12 22:05:03 ] Dossie Kielle > Oh hunni, I get wild casual girl-on-girl sex atleast every other day.
[ 2009.09.12 22:05:16 ] Boydy > haha.. butch
[ 2009.09.12 22:05:29 ] Cash Hands > OMFG i love the smell of bullshit in the evening
[ 2009.09.12 22:05:39 ] Director Yammi > umm, idk whether to be aroused or confused...
[ 2009.09.12 22:05:59 ] Cash Hands > dossie are you one of them butch lezzers?
[ 2009.09.12 22:06:04 ] Seraphina Oriana > /emote wispers to Cash "Dossie is a gurl in RL with bewbies and everything"
[ 2009.09.12 22:06:10 ] Boydy > with short hair like a lad?
[ 2009.09.12 22:06:43 ] Dossie Kielle > Ask LT and any of the Wabbits that seen me. I have long hair and bewbs and everything girly.
[ 2009.09.12 22:06:57 ] Justine Death > ^this
[ 2009.09.12 22:07:08 ] Seraphina Oriana > /emote nods
[ 2009.09.12 22:07:24 ] Seraphina Oriana > Oh! Dossie, will you be coming to my b/day party in a few weeks?
[ 2009.09.12 22:07:45 ] Boydy > shame about the face then i bet dossie
[ 2009.09.12 22:07:57 ] Mia Shawley > /emote is 2 in about 17days
[ 2009.09.12 22:08:02 ] Mia Shawley > 21
[ 2009.09.12 22:08:05 ] Seraphina Oriana > lol
[ 2009.09.12 22:08:11 ] Seraphina Oriana > I'm 23 on the 23rd of this month
[ 2009.09.12 22:08:17 ] Director Yammi > i'm 21 in 3 months
[ 2009.09.12 22:08:19 ] Dossie Kielle > Boydy, learn to smack talk better to someone that actually doesn't care. =o
[ 2009.09.12 22:08:20 ] Seraphina Oriana > So that's what? Eleven days or so?
[ 2009.09.12 22:08:32 ] Mia Shawley > 21 oith the 300th
[ 2009.09.12 22:08:41 ] Mia Shawley > - a 0 dam lag laptop :(
[ 2009.09.12 22:08:44 ] Seraphina Oriana > lol
[ 2009.09.12 22:08:46 ] Dossie Kielle > Mia's 2 soon. xD
[ 2009.09.12 22:08:56 ] Longtooth > I haven't seen any pics of you Dossie but you sound hawt on vent ;)
[ 2009.09.12 22:09:19 ] Seraphina Oriana > Did you not see her pic in the Rabbits who's who forum?
[ 2009.09.12 22:09:27 ] Seraphina Oriana > There was pics of Gil there too ^-^
[ 2009.09.12 22:09:37 ] Seraphina Oriana > I wouldn't put him to his voice.
[ 2009.09.12 22:09:43 ] Longtooth > I just threw up a little in my mouth
[ 2009.09.12 22:09:47 ] Longtooth > and no I missed the Dossie pics
[ 2009.09.12 22:09:48 ] Dossie Kielle > *Generic photo of me flipping the bird.*
[ 2009.09.12 22:10:20 ] Longtooth > priceless pose
[ 2009.09.12 22:13:27 ] Dossie Kielle > So mister Cash, want to smack talk any more?
[ 2009.09.12 22:13:37 ] Longtooth > I think he's busy :D
[ 2009.09.12 22:14:02 ] Dossie Kielle > He better not be fapping. -.-
[ 2009.09.12 22:14:15 ] Longtooth > wanna take odds?
[ 2009.09.12 22:14:18 ] Dossie Kielle > OMG nerd girl! *Fapfapfap.*
[ 2009.09.12 22:14:25 ] Longtooth > LOL
[ 2009.09.12 22:14:26 ] Seraphina Oriana > /emote giggles
[ 2009.09.12 22:14:30 ] Justine Death > 3-1 he is
[ 2009.09.12 22:14:35 ] Longtooth > absolutely
[ 2009.09.12 22:14:46 ] Longtooth > first real gurl he's seen since mummy
[ 2009.09.12 22:14:47 ] Justine Death > and yes thats right way round bet 3 win 1 :P
[ 2009.09.12 22:14:47 ] Seraphina Oriana > 1-1 - there's no doubt lol
[ 2009.09.12 22:15:02 ] Justine Death > 3-1 is worse then evens sere aka more sure thing
[ 2009.09.12 22:15:14 ] Seraphina Oriana > 8)
[ 2009.09.12 22:15:25 ] Justine Death > 1-3*
[ 2009.09.12 22:15:29 ] Cash Hands > Oh - your still going on about yourself?
[ 2009.09.12 22:15:33 ] Justine Death > my bad :P
[ 2009.09.12 22:15:37 ] Dossie Kielle > I'd bet all my ships he'll deny fapping.
[ 2009.09.12 22:15:38 ] Cash Hands > Cash Hands > I hate girls who think they're pretty when they preach on about it when i've seen prettier things between my balls and arsehole
[ 2009.09.12 22:15:40 ] Seraphina Oriana > I did wonder Jd lol
[ 2009.09.12 22:15:42 ] Cash Hands > from corp chat
[ 2009.09.12 22:15:51 ] Cash Hands > enjoy
[ 2009.09.12 22:16:29 ] Dossie Kielle > Cash Hands, I know I'm me, that's it. I'm not as hot as Salma Hayek and there are prettier women then me out there.
[ 2009.09.12 22:16:48 ] Cash Hands > dont go posting your scary pic around you hag
[ 2009.09.12 22:17:02 ] Dossie Kielle > But atleast I'm not a fat balding middle aged man whos only sexual relief is his hand.
[ 2009.09.12 22:17:17 ] Longtooth > and staring at the hawt pic on his eve account
[ 2009.09.12 22:17:23 ] Director Yammi > /emote believes this channel just became a minefeild...
[ 2009.09.12 22:17:42 ] Seraphina Oriana > Local is always a minefield Yammi x)
[ 2009.09.12 22:17:47 ] Cash Hands > lol
[ 2009.09.12 22:17:52 ] Dossie Kielle > Welcome to Usi, Yammi. =]
[ 2009.09.12 22:17:58 ] Cash Hands > fat, balding and middle aged .. lol
[ 2009.09.12 22:18:01 ] Cash Hands > LOL
[ 2009.09.12 22:18:03 ] Cash Hands > yeh
[ 2009.09.12 22:18:06 ] Cash Hands > ... good one
[ 2009.09.12 22:18:27 ] Dossie Kielle > Oh, so you're a sexually frustrated 12-16 year old?
[ 2009.09.12 22:18:40 ] Cash Hands > lol
[ 2009.09.12 22:18:55 ] Cash Hands > sexually frustrated
[ 2009.09.12 22:18:57 ] Cash Hands > lol
[ 2009.09.12 22:18:59 ] Cash Hands > yeh
[ 2009.09.12 22:19:35 ] Dossie Kielle > You're not denying it, either.
[ 2009.09.12 22:19:39 ] Cash Hands > Anyway i'll leave you to it
[ 2009.09.12 22:19:47 ] Cash Hands > enjoy your period
[ 2009.09.12 22:19:50 ] Longtooth > -fapfapfap-
[ 2009.09.12 22:20:48 ] Dossie Kielle > LT you sexually frustrated old man, stop looking at yourself in the mirror.
[ 2009.09.12 22:21:54 ] Longtooth > I can't help it
[ 2009.09.12 22:21:58 ] Longtooth > I'm to sexy for my shirt
[ 2009.09.12 22:22:10 ] Longtooth > and christ woman I'm only 36
So, welcome to Usi local when we start talking...
We continued to mine for some time. I'm not a miner, but it's okay when you're just talking shite in local when an Incursus comes into the belt...
More local chat nonsense:
[ 2009.09.12 23:23:56 ] Dossie Kielle > I'm more then a bird.
[ 2009.09.12 23:24:05 ] Dossie Kielle > I'm more then a plane...
[ 2009.09.12 23:24:14 ] Dossie Kielle > I'm a bird-plannnneeeee~~
[ 2009.09.12 23:24:30 ] Dossie Kielle > I'm a mother fucking bird-plaaaannnnnnneeeee~~
[ 2009.09.12 23:24:52 ] Director Yammi > /emote prepares Dossie's sedatives...
[ 2009.09.12 23:24:52 ] Dorian Geric > ramming time
[ 2009.09.12 23:24:56 ] Dossie Kielle > Roger.
[ 2009.09.12 23:25:17 ] Director Yammi > whered my can go?
[ 2009.09.12 23:25:32 ] Director Yammi > DAMMIT ORIAN!
[ 2009.09.12 23:25:43 ] Dorian Geric > hehe
[ 2009.09.12 23:25:48 ] Galerathon Oriana > It wasn't dorian, pay attention to fleet you nutter
[ 2009.09.12 23:26:00 ] Dorian Geric > can i ram you now?
[ 2009.09.12 23:26:26 ] Director Yammi > wait, hes the only one in range....
[ 2009.09.12 23:26:33 ] Dorian Geric > ?
[ 2009.09.12 23:26:55 ] Director Yammi > of my can
[ 2009.09.12 23:27:02 ] Dorian Geric > did your stock of resorces disappear
[ 2009.09.12 23:27:10 ] Galerathon Oriana > Read your fleet channel Yammi!! >.<
[ 2009.09.12 23:27:23 ] Dorian Geric > ?
[ 2009.09.12 23:27:45 ] Dorian Geric > ramming time
[ 2009.09.12 23:27:53 ] Dorian Geric > hehe
[ 2009.09.12 23:28:00 ] Dorian Geric > dink
[ 2009.09.12 23:28:08 ] Dorian Geric > dink
[ 2009.09.12 23:28:22 ] Galerathon Oriana > Oh the pain!!!
[ 2009.09.12 23:28:31 ] Galerathon Oriana > I turned around!!!
[ 2009.09.12 23:28:38 ] Galerathon Oriana > /emote falls over
[ 2009.09.12 23:29:20 ] Dorian Geric > dink
[ 2009.09.12 23:29:44 ] Dorian Geric > dink
[ 2009.09.12 23:29:57 ] Dorian Geric > good bye
[ 2009.09.12 23:30:31 ] Dossie Kielle > What? Learn from your Corp mate's experiences and decided not to fuck with me?
[ 2009.09.12 23:30:44 ] Dorian Geric > ?
[ 2009.09.12 23:31:13 ] Director Yammi > Please rape him Dossie
[ 2009.09.12 23:31:24 ] Dossie Kielle >
[ 2009.09.12 23:31:58 ] Dossie Kielle > I would've gotten the Rifter if I had a point fitted.
[ 2009.09.12 23:33:18 ] Dorian Geric > i live to ram another day!!!

With that he flees from local and to no one knows where.
We may be in highsec, but I'm still a bitch and a pirate at heart.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Highsec hijinks.

The Vexor Navy Issue slides effortlessly into the docking tube of Isho V, leaving a trail of light as its Afterburner unit shuts down. A short stop to refuel and reload as she turns to the undocking tube. Over the internal comms a metallic voice comes through the speaker, "permission to undock granted."
I align to the Usi gate and start the warp drive, a quick glance at the local Neocomm channel confirms a clear route.

Vision comes back as I shake my head. Why couldn't they make jumpgates more comfortable?
I hold on the gate collecting my thoughts. Several new names in the local channel, maybe I could have some fun.

Usi III - Belt 1:
My Cruiser class vessel shudders as her warp tunnel evaporates, I find myself in the first asteroid belt looking at an Imicus class Frigate and a Rupture class Cruiser. A deft mental nudge and my Navy Vexor's Afterburner kicks in. Approaching their location I notice a jet-can between them, obviously filling happily with ore, the two oblivious miners discarding their hard earnt rocks into the floating pinata.
My crew were well versed in the process. A short order, "ladies and gents, time to pick up that canister, they're littering my solar system."
As if by magic, the filthy yellow icon on my overview was replaced by a nice shiney white Icon - a canister labled "Yoink!" Clever touch my crew, I'll be hard pressed to replace you all.
The hijinks ensued.

From NeoComm logs:
---- Channel ID: (('solarsystemid2', 30002682),) ----
Dossie Kielle > You can take your ore back if you want, or just fight me for it.
10 seconds to comply... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Good bye Ore.
*Two ships drop out of warp nearby, both Frigate class: a Rifter and an imicus.
A short skirmish starts up, both Frigates engaging my Cruiser. I smile as the Imicus quickly melts and begins to explode and immediately order my Drones to engage the Rifter.
Cursing my lack of a warp disruptor, the Rifter warps away with heavy structure damage.*
Dossie Kielle > One point to the Navy Vexor. Ready for round 2? *I recall my drones and smile as I see them settle and hover idley in their bay.*
Seraphina Oriana > Who is Dossie picking on?
Dossie Kielle > Two starter miners in my system.
Seraphina Oriana > How very dare they! *She chuckles.*
Dossie Kielle > Cash Hands and Kaleth'phrin, I'll undock in a Frigate if you want me to.
Cash Hands > Dossie Kielle > Good bye Ore.
Dossie Kielle > I prefer to steal it, much easier.
Seraphina Oriana > She doesn't get her hands too dirty that way.
Boydy > Dossie - sad.
Dossie Kielle > I like to keep my hands clean.
Boydy > Why did you steal our cargo?
Dossie Kielle > It's nothing personal.
Seraphina Oriana > Oh you lie. Okay, jumping now
Dossie Kielle > It's not. I never take it personally when I take people's discarded assets.
Boydy > Are you going to do it again Dossie?
Longtooth > Of course she is.
Boydy > I mean to us.
Dossie Kielle > Mr. LongTooth knows me. Still a Monster, LT?
Longtooth > Of course, just making some money by building Capitals.
Dossie Kielle > What was Nasty's beef with Gil?
Boydy > I've only been a capsuleer for 2 days.
Longtooth > Then quit now and save yourself the copious amounts of pain and suffering.
Boydy > Nah - i like it. Just sad people who try to ruin it for others is the downfall, but I guess you get them.
Dossie Kielle > What belt are you in so I can remove your discarded assets again?
Boydy > And Dossie, you will have a big Hurricane waiting for you next time so think twice. I've been told they are good, who knows...
Longtooth > Oooh hurricane.*Singing loudly,* HERE I AM...
Boydy > Apparently.
Boydy > Whatever one of them is...
Dossie Kielle > Should I use my Drake then?
Boydy > Indeed you should, geek.
Boydy > Anyway have fun all.
Longtooth > lulz
Dossie Kielle > *I sigh dramatically.* How many times do I have to tell people? I'm a nerd, not a geek. Boyd, I'll 1v1 you in a Frigate. Where are you Boyd, I'll dock up and get a Frigate out.
Justine Death > problem dossie?
Dossie Kielle > Problem? Nevarrr~! *I exclaim and giggle.*
Boydy > Sorry Dossie I'm still learning, dont wanna fight.
Dossie Kielle > I'll use an Ibis?
Boydy > That could be the best ship going for all I know.
*The local channel errupts in laughter.*
Boydy > I'd rather not, as experience alone you'd win as you seem to have plenty of that. Most of your life it seems.
Dossie Kielle > Yes, it's like, ummmm, Awesome.
Longtooth > And stuff.
Dossie Kielle > Yes, and stuff.
Boydy > Indeedy. Anyway I'm sure you have better things to do rather than ask for a 1v1 against a pilot who has been flying for all of 2 days, surely?
Iriomote > Consider it a life lesson.
Dossie Kielle > I'd ask LT, but he's a 1 man fleet...
---- End log ----

What other fun I'll have today is hopefully going to be more like this...

Monday, 7 September 2009

Shadows in the night.

The peace torn asunder, impacts along the hull of the Hulk class Exhumer. I awoke screaming in a panic, looking out of the viewports as several vessels surrounded our ship.
Alarms and shouts. Chaos as the crew members scrambled.
My father at the helm - cool and steady - immobile as the very stars themselves, "align out, prepare to warp. I can't afford to lose this vessel to pirate scum."
Nothing. The metallic computer system speaking out informing us of the obvious, "you are unabled to warp because you are warp scrambled."

Staring out my my cabin view ports I see them. Five Caracal class Cruisers, a Raven class Battleship and innumerable Drones flickering past the port.
The carona of a missiles impacting on the shields, smaller impacts from the Drone weapons systems.
My father and crew doing everything they could to compensate for the incoming damage.
It wasn't enough. A hairline fracture creeping across the outer glass of the main view screen - the shield systems have been breached.

I run on to the bridge and throw myself into my father. A section of roof collapsing where he once stood, narrowly missing us, my mother rushing over and praying to every God she can think of.
The gun fire ceases. A crackle and buzz as the Neocomm activates.
"Pirate vessel; this is Caldari State patrol 6, stand down and prepare to be boarded or we will be forced to destroy you."
A fierce light in my father's eyes, I shrink back and whimper as he yells down the Neocomm, "what the fuck do you think you are doing? We are a civilian mining vessel with no association to any pirates!"
A dark and forboding laugh cuts across the Neocomm. "Then prepare to die, we [bzzt]ll de[bzzzzzt]essel." The communication cuts off, a new voice broadcasting over private channels - callsign Cynobaby, "this is Amy Reynn - would you like a little help with those bullies?" Before we could answer - several explosions rock our vessel, Caldari State vessels warping away or dying under sustained fire from our unknown benefectors, the Raven fighting back with all his might.
Boarding tubes extend, a hastey attachment as we scramble to board the as yet unknown heroine's vessel, my mother and father pushing me ahead with some of our most trusted crew.
The vessels shuddering as the vessel of my parents begins to tear apart, being forced into the unknown vessel as the airlock slams shut. A violent shudder of the Raven being destroyed. Debris and other detritis battering the already unstable Hulk causing its structure to rupture and tear apart. Then nothing.
Beautiful, peaceful oblivion takes a hold.


I wake up suddenly in a cold sweat as the memories subside. Alone I sit, gasping for breath, tears rolling down my cheek.
Groping around and feeling the empty spot on my cot. I'll never get used to sleeping alone, but I'll get through this like I did when I lost my parents.
The Guristas Associates are my family now.
I owe them so much. Thank you 'Cynobaby' for saving my life, and those of the few crew that managed to cross into your vessel.

Friday, 4 September 2009

Home sweet home.

Funny how things come around full circle.
A few weeks ago I moved over to AC-AF, then a short stay in a mining Corp.
Now I am finally home. I'm back in the Guristas Associates.
A warm welcome, even my old friend Mei came to welcome me back with a chuckle and a hyper velocity volley from her Megathron class Battleship's seven Blaster cannons.

From Neocomm logs:
---- Channel ID: (('corpid', 1635187107),) ----
Ryan Masonary > Welcome back my nutty professor of missioning.
Dossie Kielle > Thanks. *I chuckle.*
Ryan Masonary > By the way, missed you bitch dont do it again. *He grins.* My hanger needs a lot of cleaning, hopefully someone will take care of it before I get back.
Dossie Kielle > Then we'll have to wardec any Corps that wardec Ore Gasm Inc. if you want me here permanently.
Ryan Masonary > And the problem is? Okay, going for now welcome back.
Dossie Kielle > Okay, take care.
---- End log. ----

I arrive back in my old home system, heavy structure damage from Mei's welcoming volley and smile. A familiar voice coming over the Neocomm as 'JD' watches me dock, "Mei said hi then?" I laughed and nodded "yes, as you can see, her guns are painful on my little Badger II."
I feel the vessel slow through my neural link, my old home station coming into view.
Home sweet home. I call over the internal comm to my crew, "ladies and gentlemen, welcome to your new home. Some of you know the area well and others this is your first visit. Listen to what the veterans say and you newbies will do fine. This is Guristas territory, so be sure you stay armed at all times incase someone decides to pit their wits against you."

A warm - if not quiet - welcome home with a new recruit going through our rigorous interview process. I know she'll make it, Jasimine is a resiliant girl, I've known her for many years before she decided to follow me into the world of capsuleering.

For freedom and profit. I missed these pilots a lot in the short few weeks I've been away.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

As a matter of fact...

Wreckage strewn everywhere. The aftermath of my mood.
I miss her dearly, but after a long hour of destroying everything in sight, I ran out of ammunition for my side arm and lost my trusty Guristas dagger somewhere in the rubble. I was in no mood to fly anything so I sat there. Weeping.
My father said it takes a big man to show his feelings - I suppose that's why I've always been such a cold bitch. He wanted a son and got a daughter, the Fates had a different plan for his seed then he intended. He wanted an heir and instead got a daughter. It doesn't mean he loved me any less...

I had never wept since the day I lost my family. I suppose I was mourning for the loss of both my family and the love of my life. But the time for mourning has passed now and I have work to do, assets to move and new quarters to find.
Today will be a long and busy day, no time to dwell.
I look into my old hangar in Usi V. Not much left here, not much touched. My old Heron class Frigate, a few shuttles and stashed out in the very back of my hangar - a rusting old Retriever...
All alongside the vessel that brought me here, Karma to Burn.
A busy day, returning assets to the local area.
Lets hope this is the last such move.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009


I sit at the edge of my command chair, staring out of the command window, tears rolling down my cheeks.
Usi - a system I used to frequent, Ishomilken next door - where a large number of people I know and admire are based.

The agonising choice of whether I should leave my current Corporation. To rejoin the White Rabbits or not. I felt most at home with the Guristas.
I have always hated high security space. Every time I see an Industrial class ship slow-boating to a stargate, I see a lost oppertunity.
Why should I stay in Gallente space? There was nothing left there for me, my has been heart torn apart by her.
The only reason I even thought of leaving The White Rabbits: Jesia Amren.
I still love her, I still think of her. Will the pain ever stop?
Maybe one day, but there is still blood to shed. I may never forget her, I may never get over her. But the bloodlust will keep the tears from forming.
So here is to you my Jesia, you have made my mind up for me...

The universe will be awash with blood in your honor. Today, I send in my transfer papers for The White Rabbits.