Monday, 16 November 2009

Hokori o motsu.

----Private communications - (Chan ID - 512294) ----
A single tear rolls down my cheek,
With thoughts of my beloved,

Jesia, you hold my heart,
First and last,
Always in my thoughts.

Looking out,
An obsidian cloak enshrouds me,
A miriad of stars,
Picking one, hoping you're looking,
Toward the same.

How I long,
To see your smile,
And hold you close,
My loving embrace.

I miss you more,
The you may know...

I sigh, looking at the comms desk. "I will be there as soon as I can, until then - look after yourself my love."
----End message----
Blowing a kiss I end the message.

Leaning over and looking around the comms room, I sigh again.
Today is going to be longer then any others past, but, I know I will return as soon as I can. A steely glare from the comms officer directed my way. Smiling I step back and return to my quarters.

With an involuntary groan, I slowly lower myself onto the pallet they call a bed - it's been too long since I was last in my capsule.
"Well," I say to myself, "time to see about coming home."

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Random poem. (OOC)

Given your lack of style,
Your listless memories,
And filtered appologies.

I'd like you to know,
You stain my heart with smiles,
Such beautiful stains,
To cover the other ones.

I lost your false teeth in the washing machine,
But it's okay, because they're clean,
Now - atleast - more then before.

For you thought they had melted,
Now my puppy wears them,
Smiling all the time,
But her eyes speak disappointment,
Or worry, or fear.

A pilot once told me,
Be original, or be the same,
But don't pretend to eat your broccoli,
Only to give it to your toothless puppy.

I smiled, in return, eating my broccoli,
Right over my shoulder,
Onto the ground,
Where Gummy picked it up right away.

Feel my heart?
It beats too quickly,
Overloading my judgement.

Suddenly I am unable to hold back,
And five unfortunate warriors are disemboweled...

Funny to think, instead of reacting,
Hitting every time, sending enemies crying to pappa leader...

Good they don't know it's a masquerade,
A close fitting skin over this one,
Protecting me from frozen waters...
Freezing waters.

And a gargoyle of a human, sinking to the bottom,
With a look of sheer cold on it's face...
Plummets to it's icy grave.

Smiling, screaming, clenching teeth,
Wishing, dreaming, drenching wood,
Among other flammable unthawed decencies...

I wish you were there to see it,
In its glory, an honourable death,
So honourable, infact, you should have seen it.

So sorry, though, you were asleep,
Do you remind me of my forgetfulness?

I am lost in this reverie,
Forgetting to frown,
Forgetting to feel pain.

You bring me out of my masochism,
Unfortunate for my hungry, lifeless instruments.

So thank you,
I feel alive.