Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Planetside romp.

The handle drifts lazily over the back of my right hand, effortlessly catching - blade pointed downward.
I grit my teeth as salty sweat drips down my cheek, mixing with blood in a fresh gash. A crimson smile across milky flesh.
My nemesis - like the mindless beast it is - circles slowly, snarling. It's large fangs glistening.
It strikes. Rushing headlong towards me, my body poised and balanced, ready to strike with the 18cm daggers in my hands.

My heart skips a beat as I hesitate, the sickening crunch as the beast collides with me.
I land some 5 meters from the beast, pawing it's face as I search through the mouldering leaf litter. A quick glance tells me where one of my blades landed. The handle of my dagger sticking out of the side of its face.
A non-fatal blow. "Where are you dammit," I say through gritted teeth, still searching the litter for my other dagger.
The beast rears. Loud, raucous, ear splitting howls. So beastial and raw, my skin crawling, a shiver sending unnerving shudders down my spine, wishing I had a more substantial weapon - a sword, maybe a small arm.
I see a glint in the corner of my eye, the matt black blade of my other dagger. I make a lunge and grab at the hilt.

The ground shudders, then the beast howls again. I roll over, as it pounces. It happens as if in slow motion.
The great beast landing on top of me, its heavy mass pushing me into the sodden earth.
Gaping maw opening, exposing rows of large, razor sharp teeth, the carrion stench of its breath washing over me, making my eyes water with the rancid smell.
My life flashes before my eyes, thinking this will be my last memory until the medics pull my new clone out of the tank...

The deafening roar again then silence. Beautiful, milky black. Peace.
A gloating laugh and a heavy weight crushing my chest.
I look down and yelp in suprise, the severed head of the beast glaring, snarling up at me with glassy eyes, "isn't hunting fun?" A familiar voice chides. Groaning I look up, "Mei, why don't you just help me up?"

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Why you little... (OOC)

Okay, so giving up cigarettes is a long and stressful process.
So, give thanks to all that I'm giving up that filthy habit and totally trashed my laptop because that little thread of calmness was shattered as I got PKed repeatedly by the same person.

Yes - PK. Old fashioned as it is, there are still games that use that system, and I wish I went into EVE and just spoke to people and spun my ship collection, randomly hopping between stations, or taking my Mega to Dixie for EVE-Radio mission fleets.

So here I am, on a borrowed PC I can't download anything staring forlornly at the smouldering wreck that is - was - my laptop.
Stupid highly addictive bad for the health thingy...

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Ride of the Slugge-ery.

My audio systems linked to EVE-Radio, listening to DJ Wiggles, one of the best DJs. Atleast in my oppinion.
Two simple words: Cruiser fight.
I'm up for that...

An open invitation for a fight with other capsuleers, 5 million ISK entry fee and a few restrictions.
Tech 1 Cruiser class vessels, any race, no ECM, no cloaking. I send the order to refit my Vexor class Cruiser to the specifications and make my way to Bawilan, entry fee paid.

Nothing like a nice friendly fight with other pod pilots.

I arrive in the system and immediately warp to the Bawilan I - Federal Freight Storage station to have my ship specifications checked by Wiggles, looking at the others, to see what I'm up against.
Most of the fighters in Vexor class Cruisers, a Caracal, and 2 Ruptures. This will be interesting.

Our navigation computers linking, gang warp to the Archee gate.
Jumping on contact. Another gang warp to the location of the fight.

We wait, orbiting the canister between 15km and 25km.
The order to fight given.

Immediately I kick in my Microwarpdrive, heading straight for Beard Ponderer. My ship shuddering as missiles impact off my shields., I begin to turn and engage the Caracal, damage leaking into my armor. Armor repair systems online, trying to take the damage dealt.
Not enough.
The damage leaking into my structure as I brace and prepare for the boom...

I shiver as my pod enters space, camera drone orbiting as I watch the rest of the fight.
A good fight, if not a quick one for me.

There will be other times.

Friday, 9 October 2009

Downtime. (OOC)

One hour. That's it.
This has to be the longest hour of the day - downtime. DT as most people call it.

I was going to sign in and play with my shiney new Hawk in a couple L2 missions - maybe try her out in a L3 - but decided against it to run some maintenance on my laptop and make a few calls.
Well, that was a bad idea. Now I have 4o some minutes until DT finishes.
I have a plan for after DT, I'm going to find and harass me some miners in my Hawk.

Thirty minutes until server comes back...
Jack Off Jill comes on, trying to work out a fitting for my Hawk.
Death Day ~ Alien Ant Farm, fit complete, here it is:

[Hawk, Dossie Hawk]
Ballistic Control System II
Co-Processor II

Small Shield Booster II
Invulnerability Field II
1MN Afterburner II
Warp Scrambler II

Standard Missile Launcher II, Caldari Navy Bloodclaw Light Missile
Standard Missile Launcher II, Caldari Navy Bloodclaw Light Missile
Standard Missile Launcher II, Caldari Navy Bloodclaw Light Missile
Standard Missile Launcher II, Caldari Navy Bloodclaw Light Missile
[empty high slot]

Small Warhead Calefaction Catalyst I
Small Bay Loading Accelerator I

Cap stable, decent DPS & volley damage and tank with a Scram.
Kets get back into EVE and make some explosions. =P

Weeee, Zoom!

Synchronising our warp, the 3 Frigate class vessels arrive at the gate.
Seraphina in 'Mystique,' a Succubus class Frigate, a new capsuleer callsign 'Cannabalize' in his Merlin class Frigate and my Chiropterran, a Harpy class Assault Ship, based off the Merlin class hull.

We activate the gate, slipping into the first area, immediately greated by 4 Angel Cartel Cruisers. Our engine and Afterburner systems fire up, approaching the enemy vessels.
Internal systems alerting me, all enemy vessels targetting. I smile and answer, starting my targetting systems and begin to engage.
Hyper-velocity Antimatter death spewing forth from my four 125mm Railgun IIs, rotating my camera drone, to view Cannibalize. I've been training and moulding this young pilot. He's intelligent and a fast learner, I'd like him to file transfer papers to join the White Rabbits...

She's a good ship, and I've just purchased a Hawk class Assault Ship.
Let's see if my missile skills will prove their worth.

Monday, 5 October 2009

Vacation in a can.

Three days wasted. My latest aquisition - a Harpy class Assault Ship sat in the dock being loaded and prepared to leave.
I'm off on a hunting trip and have a locus gravity container filled to the top with Javelin S rounds. Today I shall be scouting Stacmon...

Nothing but a few unknown miners. Disappointing. But a few new chances.
Oppertunity knocks as I warp into the second belt, a Retriever with a canister floating beside it. Pushing my search for information aside, I kick in the Afterburner and approach the can belonging to 'LE4u5,' jettisoning my own and transferring his hard mined ore into it. I sit and wait, the can of rocks floating idley beside my ship. The Retriever class Mining Barge warping away.
I sit and wait for a moment then destroy the ill gotten gains. He wasn't coming back.
Two more belts down, a few low-ranking Serpentis pilots down. I engage my warp drive to fly to the next belt and an Executioner class Frigate enters behind me. LE4u5. Damn, too late. I call out in the local NeoComm channel as I land in the belt, "LE4u5, I'm in belt IX - 1, come fight me if you feel it absolutely neccesary." No response. Four more low-ranking Serpentis pilots arrive in the belt and I immediately engage, my 125mm Railgun IIs tearing them to shreds.
I scan the wrecks and my sensors alert me to a new ship within scanner range. Executioner class Frigate belonging to LE4u5. Excellent! My onboard computer alerts me to his lock-on, responding in kind I return lock.
Laser fire streaking space, lightspeed bolts of super-heated light causing electromagnetic damage on my shield systems - the weak point of all shield systems. I approach and begin warp scrambling him, hoping the effect of my Warp Scrambler II would nullify his Microwarpdrive. Constant speed, odd.
Engaging my Nosferatu and four 125mm Railgun II turrets, I engage. His sheilds melting in seconds - a mere 3 volleys - his armor disintegrating under my sustained fire.
How is his ship fitted? Why is his armor being demolished so fast? I begin to suspect the worst. His damage may be low against me, but maybe he opted for a man-tank. Structure tanking is for real men - supposedly.
Again, I was wrong. What was this man doing? He's been a registered capsuleer for almost 2 years, was he baiting me?

The engagement ended abruptly, his ship destroyed, escape pods and his own capsule warping out.
"I should've brought out my Absolution out," he says in local. Keeping calm, breathing slowly to keep my voice calm and level - I respond. "Come out in whatever you want, I am willing to fight you in anything..."

A short conversation in local, I shant bore you with the details led me to feel something. Whether it was remorse or respect, I have no idea, but it lead me to inviting him to the recruitment channel for our Academy.
He seems an intelligent individual, maybe he will fit in well with the Guristas Associates.
Only time will tell.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

A Quiet Word in One's Ear.

I awake, looking at my chronometer. 0937. Still too early.
Laying back down, I look over to the lamp next to the bed and sigh. A casing first real ship cannon I fired turned into a simple bed-side lamp.
A sudden noise makes me jump - my NeoComm beeping to alert me of a private channel request.
"Are you the one at war with Cash Hand's Corp?" The unknown voice enquires.
"At war? No, why do you ask?" Unsure of what to make of this person. "Hmm, well either way, they moved to Stacmon. Just for your information." Then he cuts off the channel.

Who is this man, and what interests does he have with myself and Industry Infamous?
Well, I may just have to find out. I have missed Gallente space, and a short vacation would be beneficial for my health...