Tuesday 20 April 2010


I've had to move from Blogspot to WordPress because my ISP is blocking the site and doesn't want to lift thier annoying filter. Come see my new blog here.

Friday 29 January 2010

Writers Block (OOC)

My connection is beginning to tick me off. Nothing like being constantly plagued by lag and disconnects to brighten one's day.
So, instead of screaming and cursing my mobile internet dongle for it's connectivity issues - I decided to write. Two sentences and a small amount of spelling correction is as far as I have gotten.

Dammit. So, I'm listening to EVE-Radio and the stream keeps buffering. I missed out on some roaming fun and really need to save up for re-subs and also for the Cynabal I recently aquired from the Serpentis arc.
I had a plan to write something about it, but couldn't think of anything. Stupid, blargh.

Beer. Yes. Okay, I'm off on a wild tangent so I'll finish this post.
Oh, tune into EVE-Radio if you don't already. It's win. xD

Monday 25 January 2010

Blarg (OOC)

I lost my damned Harpy to lagging out as I jump less then an hour after writing my last entry. Fuck sake.
Right now I'm probably sat on the gate in my expensive implants wearing nothing but a pod, this is going to be fun trying to get out of that.
Really, if I find the person that blew up my ship, I will pod them, I just hope my Crow is up to the job. If not, in comes the Hawk or Manti when I get back into Empire to refit...


My Crow class Interceptor screams along, her speed registering 4.8km/s. I look at the scanner, Armageddon class Battleship incoming. He appears on my overview, a member of Morsus Mihi thinking his bigger, slower ship would be able to lock me in time.
No luck this time as I align and warp off in under a second. Laughing to myself as he must be cursing, I'm brought crashing back to reality - a warp disruption bubble dropped my warp early, 100km from the gate.
Cursing myself for being careless, I hit the Microwarp Drive and begin approching the gate. Systems alerting me that the Armageddon is back within scan range. He appears once more on my overview and begins locking my ship. Shit, I think, overloading my MWD. My body slowly moving towards the rear end of the capsule as the speed goes up. Twenty kilometers, my ship screaming along at 6.8km/s, the enemy Battleship has locked and begun firing. His lasers spitting streaks of white light, barely missing me, grazing my shields punishingly.
Finally, I hit the gate and jump not a moment too soon, the usual blackness and disorientation of a gate jump as I land in the next system. Eight jumps to go, this is the most fun I've had whilst travelling for some time, and what a welcome as I head towards Venal.

Poe has suprised me with her speed. Now to see what she's like in combat.

Tuesday 19 January 2010

Whispers in the Dark

The Sisters have been good to me. Treated me fairly and given me the occasional job to earn money.
I quite enjoy being back in Gallente space again, shame it seems to be another short stay.

I recieved a message requesting my help. It seems one Taisu Magdesh has been causing problems for the Sisters of EVE, so I was asked politely to eradicate his presence.
I arrive at the bookmarked location and am immediately set upon by Taisu and her associates, my Megathong making light work of their ships.
The destruction of all their vessels was promptly followed by a message from Aton Hordnert. Interesting that a rival pirate faction will contact me.
I set destination to Egbinger to find out.

Monday 18 January 2010

A Simple Fact

The Caldari Navy has been busy, find out what you can where you are then report back to me. We may find something interesting.
Be wary, however - we understand there is some interest in your activities. It seems the state is beginning to figure out the link between the White Rabbits Corporation and the Guristas pirate organisation. Your friends in the Gallente Militia may be of some benefit.

Be careful, and don't make too obvious moves.

I put down the note and review what little I know. Of course the state will know about the leanings of my Corp, no matter how careful you are - Caldari will always be Caldari - and everyone has their price.

Friday 15 January 2010

A Little Vacation

---- Channel ID: -6282604 Channel Name: Private Chat [censored] Listener: Dossie Kielle Session started: 2010.01.08 15:04:50 ----
[ 2010.01.08 15:05:02 ] [censored] > Gicodel, Sisters of EVE Bureau. You will find a care package.
---- Channel closed ----

I climb into my Hawk class Assault ship and make my way to Gallente space. Today has just begun in the most interesting way.
I reach my destination and dock, a note left for me by my secretive friend in my new room. Someone pushed their wallet somewhat, telling by the luxury apartments that were assigned to me. As I read, the decision of which ships to use are laid out for me: something small and fast, and something that packs a far greater punch.

My Hawk, call-sign: 'Guristas Kyoukan,' slides out of Eglennaert I – Moon 4 – Federal Navy Assembly Plant. A simple recon mission against a small Caldari State installation in system, protected only by a small group of Frigates...
Returning to the station after destroying the installation and its protection, I immediately head to the shower. I'll never get used to these pods... I shudder at the memory it drags up then turn up the thermostat.