Friday, 29 January 2010

Writers Block (OOC)

My connection is beginning to tick me off. Nothing like being constantly plagued by lag and disconnects to brighten one's day.
So, instead of screaming and cursing my mobile internet dongle for it's connectivity issues - I decided to write. Two sentences and a small amount of spelling correction is as far as I have gotten.

Dammit. So, I'm listening to EVE-Radio and the stream keeps buffering. I missed out on some roaming fun and really need to save up for re-subs and also for the Cynabal I recently aquired from the Serpentis arc.
I had a plan to write something about it, but couldn't think of anything. Stupid, blargh.

Beer. Yes. Okay, I'm off on a wild tangent so I'll finish this post.
Oh, tune into EVE-Radio if you don't already. It's win. xD

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