Friday, 15 January 2010

A Little Vacation

---- Channel ID: -6282604 Channel Name: Private Chat [censored] Listener: Dossie Kielle Session started: 2010.01.08 15:04:50 ----
[ 2010.01.08 15:05:02 ] [censored] > Gicodel, Sisters of EVE Bureau. You will find a care package.
---- Channel closed ----

I climb into my Hawk class Assault ship and make my way to Gallente space. Today has just begun in the most interesting way.
I reach my destination and dock, a note left for me by my secretive friend in my new room. Someone pushed their wallet somewhat, telling by the luxury apartments that were assigned to me. As I read, the decision of which ships to use are laid out for me: something small and fast, and something that packs a far greater punch.

My Hawk, call-sign: 'Guristas Kyoukan,' slides out of Eglennaert I – Moon 4 – Federal Navy Assembly Plant. A simple recon mission against a small Caldari State installation in system, protected only by a small group of Frigates...
Returning to the station after destroying the installation and its protection, I immediately head to the shower. I'll never get used to these pods... I shudder at the memory it drags up then turn up the thermostat.

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