Monday, 25 January 2010


My Crow class Interceptor screams along, her speed registering 4.8km/s. I look at the scanner, Armageddon class Battleship incoming. He appears on my overview, a member of Morsus Mihi thinking his bigger, slower ship would be able to lock me in time.
No luck this time as I align and warp off in under a second. Laughing to myself as he must be cursing, I'm brought crashing back to reality - a warp disruption bubble dropped my warp early, 100km from the gate.
Cursing myself for being careless, I hit the Microwarp Drive and begin approching the gate. Systems alerting me that the Armageddon is back within scan range. He appears once more on my overview and begins locking my ship. Shit, I think, overloading my MWD. My body slowly moving towards the rear end of the capsule as the speed goes up. Twenty kilometers, my ship screaming along at 6.8km/s, the enemy Battleship has locked and begun firing. His lasers spitting streaks of white light, barely missing me, grazing my shields punishingly.
Finally, I hit the gate and jump not a moment too soon, the usual blackness and disorientation of a gate jump as I land in the next system. Eight jumps to go, this is the most fun I've had whilst travelling for some time, and what a welcome as I head towards Venal.

Poe has suprised me with her speed. Now to see what she's like in combat.


  1. Always warp to a celestial near your outbound gate first to avoid this.

  2. Yes, I know. I didn't because I was playing around and being a silly capsuleer.

    Thank you, however, for the tip.